What is Dragon Mania

Dragon Mania game

Dragon Mania is one of many games created after the success Clash of Clans made. Game market is always changing and looking for new ideas but on the other hand it is always good to make variations of some good ideas. So when you find a formula that actually works, it is enough to change the setting and some game mechanics to have a new hit online game. Creators of Dragon Mania had this in mind so they kept the city building and upgrading, but introduced dragons, their training and improved tactical combat.

Dragon Mania consists of two parts. One part is town building, where you construct various buildings and upgrade them later. With levels you open new building types and upgrades for old ones. Another part is upgrading various technologies that can give you either passive or active bonuses. Other part is dragon breeding, training and of course fighting. Dragons are the most interesting part Dragon Mania and most fun in game comes from raising and feeding them, and later carrying them into battle against the evil Vikings.

Everyone just loves dragons and that’s one of the reasons why this game is so popular. Raising your own dragons, mixing various elements to breed new ones and in the end use them in tactical combat makes Dragon Mania very interesting and challenging. The game offers many combinations to breed new dragon species which provides you more abilities in combat. When you add the fact that you have to invest time and effort to grow your favorite dragons and train them before leading them to combat, it is normal for players to get attached to their virtual pets.

Game is introduces with a free to play model, but some parts of it are introduced only as premium content for which you need to spend real money. The game is playable without spending any funds but you will need a lot more time to be able to stay competitive so using some other solutions might be a good choice. A lot of players use Dragon Mania hack software which helps them to still enjoy the game without investing any money. To make it clear, Dragon Mania hack just help you get the premium content for free, and doesn’t give you some unfair advantage over other players. And most of all, if you use it properly, as instructed on their website, Dragon Mania hack software is completely undetectable.

So why people actually use Dragon Mania hack program? The answer is very simple; they either don’t have enough time and money but still want to be able to play all aspects of the game. And Dragon Mania has a lot to offer for sure. It is like a three in one deal, you get city building and upgrading, then you have dragon army training and then you have tactical combat. It is interesting that you lead only three dragons at a time, and it is important to combine their combat abilities properly in order to achieve a victory. Also, using some buffs during combat at the right time is crucial, and it can provide you a win even when the battle doesn’t look so good.

Dragon Mania has a great player base, and we are sure that you will have a great time playing it.

Sources for Twinking

Twinks and how to make them

For those who don’t know what twinks are, we can help a bit. Twinks are specially geared characters in video games, with absolutely best possible gear for their levels and maximum available skills, abilities and bonuses available. Twink character is at least 2 or 3 times stronger than other characters of his levels, in term of raw power and survivability. This is not strange because twinks are usually made for PVP or for farming some instances which require whole party of normal geared characters. Twink, in short, is one man army in video game. Although it sounds like impossible feat, making a twink is a matter of knowledge, persistence, luck, and of course, help from other people when necessary. Here are few tips about how to learn and where to look for knowledge about twinking.

Where do they learn it?

Twinking a character is totally different in every game. Most often twinks are found in MMORPGs, which have usual setup of leveling, different leveled PVP brackets and instances intended for different leveled characters and parties. But in later years, with leveling system and skill points introduced in various games, mostly in first person shooters and sport games, twinking a character becomes common feat in most of these games. For example, perk system in Call of Duty games allows for some extreme twinking of characters towards various roles in party, which is sometimes not even planned by game designers. But the common twinking is usually reserved for MMORPGs. Depending on game title, a man can search over the web for good guides about twinking. This is much easier for usual games with quest system, strict level progression, strict instance system etc, like World of Warcraft and other. Open sandbox games are more difficult for twinking. This is simply because there are no strict rules there, instances are only vaguely limited to certain level range, and there are no quests in usual sense. One good example of open sandbox game is Anarchy online, one of the oldest MMORPGs still available on the net. This game was a real nightmare for twinking. But good twinks in Anarchy online looked like a powerhouses compared to normal players. To make twink in Anarchy online, man had to use multiple guides about obscure items which, when combined together, were enormously powerful. Most of these items had no quest tied to them, and up to this day I really don’t know how people managed to guess how to find specific items, combine them and get them to work. Most of them were loot from some random bosses scattered around, and some of them were raid loot, while other had to be crafted from hardly obtained materials. But still, around the net there were guides which people used to make some incredibly powerful twinks. Twinking was especially popular at lower levels, around level 25, because PVP bracket for those low levels were not as harsh as for higher levels. In short, look for guides, sign in to forums, don’t be afraid to ask around, beg people for help etc. Join some strong guild and ask them to help you. For your first twink you will definitely need help.

Twinks and Hacks in Video Games

What is Twink in video game

Twink is a player’s character in video game, usually with a lower level, but geared with best possible equipment which is usually for some higher levels or extremely rare and hard to find. He is also made with specific combination of skills and abilities which allow him to perform some job extremely well, like he is some 5-10 levels higher than his actual level. Usual twink roles are: PVP twink which is specifically made for pvp mini games, or battlegrounds; and farming twink, which is usually made for soloing game instances and farming money and precious loot. The term “Twinking the character” means “to set the gear and skills so that character has maximum possible power for that level and specific role”. But if twinking was that easy, everyone could make it. In games, twinking a character demands money, friends with higher level characters willing to help, a lot of time and knowledge about the game, its mechanisms and settings.

How to make a twink

Making twinks can be done by using several methods, depending on game where you make it. Most games where twinks are used are MMORP Games. In these games there are either PVP battlegrounds for different levels or dungeons (instances) for different levels which can be utilized by Twinks. Twink is made by combination of knowledge, patience and money spending. First you need to know what items, gear and skills you must have to make a twink. Usually the most important is gear.

In some older games gear had no level requirement so you could pick up just any gear and equip it. For example, in Guild wars it was possible for players to use help of some highest level friends who would carry them through the high level maps. They could get in there the end-game equipment. Later when they return to their maps they would be overpowered compared with anyone else who is equipped with normal gear. Due to abuse of this game feature, most modern games have strict requirements for equipping gear, like level, reputation, skills etc. Today the fastest way to get best possible gear is to find some game instance where mobs and bosses drop the highest possible gear available for twink’s level. Bosses and mobs in instances usually drop gear of rare quality, and end bosses usually drop even better gear, usually called epic gear.

twinking in games and hacks

Third way to get overpowered gear is to craft it. This also depends on help from other characters because crafting certain level quality gear always requires higher level of crafting. That means that on current level twink would be not able to craft his own gear. Last and probably most important part of twinking a character is using some cash shop items in games with premium options and micro transactions. Premium items usually include items which boost hit points, magic points, abilities, skills, better mounts and even better gear which can be obtained in some games. Of course, you need to have knowledge about how to combine all of this into mix of skills, abilities and gear into unstoppable force called twink. Good twink can usually kill whole party of equally leveled players with normal gear and skills without any problem. He can also finish instances made for whole party of same level characters without any help. That called “soloing” the content. Twinks can be useful because they can help other players to get their own higher level gear or help them through PVP. But normally, twinks are made for solo playing rather than helping the others.

Hack tools useful for twinking

Obviously, there are many hacks which can help with making a twink. Of course, the specific help depends on the game which is played, role of the twink, his level and many other factors. As a general rule, twinking is most used in so called free to play games, with premium content. Another name for these games is “freemium” games. Hacks which add premium currency or unlock some premium content are required for making twinks in these games. Sometimes the twinking is all about good use of skill points and correct pick on important abilities. In that case, hacks which add skill points are of great importance. At last, all hacks which modified the character performance (like double damage, increased health, fast recovery etc.) are used when making twink.

What Is Twinking in Video Games

A twink is very specific term used in video games. A twink is player’s character with maximum gear and attributes for his current level, and build specially set for specific task. Most usual twinks are made for PVP (player vs. player combat) on lower levels, or for solo farming certain dungeons which are otherwise inaccessible to characters of their level without a party. Twinking is a process of making twink character. It involves getting the best gear for current level, usually from dungeons or from maps for higher levels. In this case twinking process usually includes some friends with higher level characters who are willing to “carry” the twink through higher level dungeons in order for him to get highest level gear possible. In games where there is possibility of crafting gear of various qualities twinking involves crafting the highest quality gear with specific attributes best suited for the twink’s role. Twink is usually a sort of munchkin player (Munchkin is another term for overpowered player whose only concern is how to get most power for his character without interest in anything else). Usually twinks have two roles. First one is PVP twink, and second is dungeon farming twink.

Example of twinking in game

Most of MMORPG games have level brackets for PVP. For example, the MMORPG Requiem: Memento Mori, which I played for PVP mostly, had several PVP brackets. First PVP ground was for levels up to 25. Next bracket was for levels 26-49. Third PVP bracket involved characters 50 to 60. Fourth and last PVP bracket was for levels 61-71, which was highest possible level during that time. Most high level players were, of course, in last bracket. When I started playing and got to 20th level, I got the message that PVP battlegrounds are now open for me. It sounded very interesting, and I wanted to try it out. I entered a mini game, which was some variant of capture the flag battleground. Right after entering I ran into a player who literally one-shot me. At the same time, my full power attacks took only like 5% of his health. To be honest, that was the first time I encountered I PVP Twink and I thought this player was some kind of a cheater. It was impossible for him to have that much power. After awhile, I stopped playing mini PVP games for this bracket and decided to continue with leveling. In fact, this is what most players do. They try some casual PVP, which can be fun if they run into other casual players with some gear and abilities. If they run into a twink, the whole battle becomes a sort of cat VS mouse game. Carefully made twink is literally invincible when taken on by players of same levels. Making a twink usually involves farming some dungeon for lower level which gives some above average loot. For example, what I didn’t know in this case is that there was a dungeon for level 23 players in other map. This dungeon is not even in the story, so there is no need to enter and clear it, as there is no mission which should be done there. But the bosses in this dungeon had very rare drops which were overpowered gear equal to normal gear of 30th level equipment. So farming this dungeon for around 30 times in a row was the first step in order to collect necessary drops and begin twinking. Next step involved finding special improvements for the gear. They were collected as rewards from PVP battlegrounds or bought from auction house (if you knew what to look for). PVP rewards were earned with some 50 hours of PVP, or simply paying around 300.000 in game currency for each one of the improvements on auction (which was decent money even for end-game character). Of course, there was also some excellent knowledge of skills and abilities for that particular level which allowed for so called mini-maxing of abilities. And last step, of course, was using a decent amount of cash for in-game premium items. Requiem Memento Mori was free to play game, which meant it had in-game cash shop for micro transactions. Unfortunately, these premium items included some really overpowered stuff for players. For example, the most basic premium item in cash shop was costume which added 500 hit points and 500 magic points to the user who wears it. Knowing that the average hit point base of 25th level character is around 1500 hit points, it is easy to see what kind of empowerment this was. The second most useful premium item was a mount which was 50% faster and with 50% more hp than regular mounts available in game for free. Of course, list of premium items included special potions for further upgrading your abilities. When you mix all of these, it is easy to see how you make a twink. And believe me; this twink can literally kill a whole party of same level characters with normal gear without sweat. It can also clear a 5-man dungeon of his level solo, no problem. After all, after I got to end game, I also got back and made me a twink so I can dominate in that PVP bracket!